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Welcome to Chinesewise School



Welcome to the Chinesewise School website. Hope you will find the information that you are looking for. 

Established in 2001, the Chinesewise School has been developing courses for Pre-SchoolJuniorGCSEA-Level and Business. In addition to working on teaching methods, producing Materials, offering language courses in classes and Online, the school has also been organising cultural activities including Assembly for Chinese culture introduction, taster course for After-School clubCultural Workshops with an insight into how Chinese business works and Study Tour/Summer Camps.  TCFL/TCSOL Teacher Training is in place for introduction and update



Notice Board



Tel (UK):

0800 689 1813 

Tel (International):

+44 (0)20 87151737



 2014-2015 Academic Year

Term Dates 2014-2015 

Term Start on Sat 13th Sep 2014 

Autumn Term 13th Sep-6th Dec 2014 

Spring Term 10th Jan-28th Mar 2015 

Summer Term 18th Apr-4th Jul 2015  

(Note: New opening hours from Sep 2014)  

TCFL/TCSOL Teacher Training

 on 5th/6th/7th September 2014 

 on 3rd/4th/5th January 2015 

 on 10th/11th/12th April 2015 

School Chinese New Year Celebration

on 14th Feb 2015 

 School Anniversary Celebration

on 6th Jun 2015 

GCSE and A-Level Chinese Exam

2015 Exam Dates

(Note: Entry by 22nd Jan 2015) 

2014 Exam Results:

100% A* for GCSE

100% A for A-Level



 Headteacher's Blog

A Student's Thank You Message

Use the Powers in Your Hands Wisely

Stages of Teaching and Learning A New Language

Let Them Live First

Happy Children Better Learners

 Events and News

Reports and Comments

Chinesewise Channel  

Free Samples and Materials



Job Vacancy available 

Business Members Listing for Discount Products and Services 

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